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Academic Enrichment

The Problem: According to the Huffington Post, 4 in 10 high school graduates are not adequately prepared for the course load that awaits them, and are thus forced into remedial classes when they start college.

The Solution: “In order to improve college graduation rates, students must be prepared to compete successfully on a global level. To do this we must close the achievement gap ensuring students are ready for college and careers when they graduate.” (Dr. John B. King, Jr., Senior Deputy Commissioner for P-12 Education for New York’s State Board of Regents)

Students participate in academic enrichment activities, which provide them with extra support and preparation for academic success. Additionally, students participate in field trips that expose them to culture, diversity and higher learning experiences, which help students develop an appreciation for others and a desire to become college graduates.

Academic enrichment activities consists of the following:
Achieving academic excellence. In order to help students succeed academically and graduate from college, it is essential that all students maintain a semester (GPA of 85 percent or better in middle school and high school and a 2.5 or better in college.

Academic Enrichment Sessions help to ensure students are performing at or above grade level and helps to position them for academic success. Academic Enrichment Sessions combine college preparation skills with tutoring in their current classes to ensure the optimal grades are obtained and that students become familiar with what is expected of them in a college setting. Students are provided specialized training in a classroom setting to assist them. Academic Enrichment Sessions utilize time to reinforce learning in daily academic routine, as well as provide various exercises that promote holistic development and higher order thinking skills.

Test prep workshops help to prepare students for success on national standardized tests such as the PSAT, SAT and SAT, which in turn increases student’s opportunities for scholarship money and for entrance into their desired college. Test preparation activities consist of small groups, self-paced study and one-on-one support.